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David Kelley, Martine Vaugel, and Michael Newberry

In 2003 I put together this conference on the future of art at the Pierre Hotel in Manhattan. Each talk is about 30 minutes on YouTube. 
David Kelley: Art and Ideals
Stephen Hicks: From Modern to Postmodern Art and Beyond 1 and 2
Michael Newberry: Innovation in Art
Martine Vaguel, upcoming 
Jan Koenderink: Science and Art

Michael Newberry photo by Dana Ross

I am interviewed by:
Mark Michael Lewis, profitability coach, 90 min.
Jennifer Grossman, CEO of the Atlas Society, audio, 20 min.
Dana Ross, founder Culture and Music Art Talks,   4 min.

A visual journey of my definitive works up to the year 2014.
6 min 40 sec

MN: What we are for is a million times more important than what we are against. 20 sec