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Monthly Studio Update


Studio Update:

Last week I had the great pleasure of attending the first opening of Melissa Hefferlin/Daud Akhriev Gallery in Chattanooga. Their magnificent art compound was designed by Craig Kronenberg,, Melissa and Daud's brother-in-law. It consists of a elegant and solid proportional gallery street-side with monumental doors; a magnificent art studio with glass ceilings tilted for northern exposure; and steel, glass, and wood living quarters across from a court-yard.

Melissa and Daud are full-time working artists, here is a few of the 70 plus pieces that were at the opening:











Timur Akhriev, Daud's 20-year old son:


Before the exhibition in Chattanooga I went to visit a dear friend and drew studies for Venus.






And I have been busy since their exhibition:

Melissa's Barn


Sunlit Field


Coffe Pot Bayou

Coffe Pot Bayou 2


Unfinished, Studio Windows


Kimberly in Shadow






Picnic Island Light


Toucan Table, Unfinished


Got a model coming right now! back to the drawing board. That is it for now.

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