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 Synergy (Bliss Series), oil on Belgium linen, 84 x 66 inches.

Of my work my favorite is Synergy Synergy captures a glowing man emerging out of darkness. Grounded on Earth he accepts the light and water from the Universe and his spirit springs out from his solar plexus to surround his being with waves of light.

Art is a beacon. The nature of it is to get the audience to experience a moment that is worth living. Anything to the contrary is like whining to the universe about a storm, no amount of wishing will change the nature of it. But within our human experiences there is so much worth experiencing: love; joy; pain; mourning; movement; and light. When I embark on a major work I choose very carefully what kind of experience I want devote months and years to.

The time I feel bliss the strongest, other than in love making, is when I am creating art. My awareness of the outer world is heightened, my inner network is flowing effortlessly, and my heart overflows from an abundance of light. And I feel a synergistic connection between my soul and earth, time, space, air, and water.

I can't think of a better experience than this kind of moment.




2015 copyright Michael Newberry